About Me:

I've been collecting Ball-Joint Dolls since 2003, and have been sewing since I was a child. I make my own patterns for both dolls and humans. I enjoy making my own cosplay costumes and have won awards for my cosplays. I was a cosplay craftsmanship judge for several years.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications Design (B.Des) and have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. I also worked at BioWare on the following projects: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and post-launch DLC, and the Mass Effect Trilogy re-release.

Doll-Candy is a little project I have on the side, to help fund my hobby.


About Commissions:

Commissions are accepted on a seasonal basis, between April 20th and August 15th ONLY. I can be contacted for commission inquiries via email, Etsy message, or direct message via any of my social media accounts.

I will sew fabric doll clothing and costumes for 1:3 and 1:4 size ABJDs and Dollfie Dream, only if I have a doll on-hand that is of comparable size and shape. Why? This allows me to ensure both the fit and proportions of the garment are ideal before sending the finished item to the client. I care about my handcrafted goods and I want each one to be representative of my skill and quality.

That being said, I am aware of what I can and cannot do with my current experience, and I will only accept commissions for items that I know I can make look amazing.

I am willing to sew doll cosplay and character outfits for individual private clients, but I will only sew ONE of a character’s costume in total: all commissions from me will be one-of-a-kind.


Sewing Models Available for Commissions:

I have the following dolls available for sewing models. If you would like me to sew for a doll that is NOT listed, I may have to refuse the commission. If your doll is very close in size to a model listed below, please tell me which one I can use for your commission.

Dollfie Dream models/parts:
- Dollfie Dream 3 - busts: SS, S, L, M
- Dollfie Dream Sister - busts: SS, S, M, L-Shapely
- Mini Dollfie Dream - busts: S, L

Resin BJDs:
- Volks - SD Girl, SD13 Girl, SD13 Boy, SD13 Boy (long leg), MSD Girl, MSD Boy, Yo-SD
- Cerberus Project - Fairyland 60cm Boy
- Luts - Delf Type 1 Girl, Delf Type 1 Boy, Honey Delf Girl
- Alchemic Labo - Unoa 1.5 Girl (small and large busts), Unoa 1.5 Boy
- 2D Doll - 1/4 Boy, 1/4 SY Girl, 1/6 Chibi
- Dream Of Doll - DOC Boy (old & new), DOI boy
- AkagiDoll - 47cm Boy
- B&G Doll - 1/3 Boy (Type 1)



I will NOT make the following items:
- Copies or reproductions of other seamstress’ work for dolls or humans
- Costumes based on independent artist works such as design or illustration (unless permission is given by the artist)
- Garments requiring lots of custom printed fabric or excessive embroidery
- Garments requiring specialty fabrics that are hard to find in doll scale, or require special tools/machine parts to sew
- Outfit designs that break the laws of physics (I am not a wizard)
- Shoes, props, and other non-fabric items




- I take payment via Paypal or Etsy payment methods ONLY.
- Full outfits start at $250 USD. Full outfits may take several weeks to several months to complete, depending on fabric availability. I require a $50 non-refundable deposit before working on the outfit. This price includes fees for custom pattern drafting and prototyping.
- It is possible to commission me for smaller, individual clothing items instead of full outfits, starting at $20, with a 50% non-refundable deposit; please contact me for per-item estimates.
- Shipping and any related customs fees or import duties are additional cost the buyer pays.

BJD, ABJD, SD, MSD, Super Dollfie, Mini Super Dollfie, 1:3 scale, 1:4 scale, 1:6 scale, doll clothing, patterns, handmade dresses

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