Commissions are currently: FULL

Please read through all my commission information before making a request.

Please Note: I no longer accept commissions through my Etsy shop. My Etsy is for patterns and pre-made items only.


Commission Costs & Payments:

  • Full Outfits!

    • Starting at $250 USD per set

    • $50 USD non-refundable deposit

    • Full outfits may take several months to complete, depending on fabric availability.

  • Individual Clothing Items!

    • Starting at $20 USD per item

    • 50% non-refundable deposit

    • You can order a maximum of 2 regular items per commission slot, or 1 complex item.

  • I take payment via PayPal ONLY.

  • Client pays shipping costs.**

    **Shipping can only be calculated correctly once the commission is complete (shipping calculator requires weight and size). I can provide rough shipping estimates only before completion. I ship from Canada; rates within Canada and to the USA are the most affordable. I can ship internationally without tracking and insurance at the buyer's request, however, you may request this option at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible for lost/damaged goods that were requested to be sent without tracking and insurance. Buyer is responsible for import duties and any additional charges on received parcels.

After sending the deposit; if you are unable to pay the remainder of the balance for any reason (family emergency, etc), please let me know as soon as possible! Emergency cancellations with timely information, and any cancellation made before sewing has begun will result in no future penalty. Cancellations made when the sewing is in-progress will result in client being blacklisted.


Doll models I will sew for:

If your doll is not listed, and one of these models listed can be used as a substitute, please inform me of which model you would like me to use as a substitute.

  • Volks Dollfie Dream

    DD items are made with white or pale lining, whenever possible, to reduce risk of staining. Some items (ie. socks, t-shirts, ruffle trims) cannot be made with a lining. Please keep this in mind when requesting a commission.

About My Sewing:

  • I mainly use new fabrics, but also have a limited selection of vintage store stock (unused vintage fabrics and notions) for making unique items!

  • I only use high-quality thread to sew items (GŁtermann, Coats).

  • All my fabrics are washed and shrunk before pieces are cut and sewn, to reduce risk of staining and fabric warping.

  • Raw edges are finished appropriately for the type of fabric used in the item (serger, zig-zag stitch, pinking shears, clipping, etc).

  • I use a narrow rolled hem on most skirt hems and ruffle edges for a beautiful, delicate edge that looks in-scale with the doll and photographs well.

If you have sewing experience and would like to request a specific fabric type for your commission, please let me know when discussing the commission, before a price is quoted. Otherwise, I will use fabrics that I deem most appropriate for making the items.



I am always up for a sewing challenge, but sometimes I have to say "No, sorry".

  • Reasons I may refuse a commission:

    • I do not have access to the correct doll model and the outfit requires a precise fit.

    • Requires lots of custom printed fabric or excessive embroidery.

    • Requires specialty fabrics or notions that are difficult or impossible to find in doll scale.

    • Requires additional tools/machine parts to sew.

    • The outfit design breaks the laws of physics (I am not a wizard).

    • Client is on my blacklist.

  • General Restrictions:

    • I will not copy/replicate an existing outfit for doll or human, including: official doll outfits, other seamstress's original designs, runway fashions, brand-name fashions (ie. Baby The Stars Shine Bright lolita dresses).

    • I will not sew more than 1 set of an individual cosplay design; if I've already sewn the character's outfit in the past, I will not make another.

    • I will not copy designs from independent artists (ie. illustration) unless the artist has granted permission.

    • Commissions are for sewn fabric items, ONLY. No shoes/wig/eyes/jewellery/props, etc will be included in the price estimate or final deliverable. | A one-woman operation: supplying you with cute little handmade stuff since 2005.